Helping your business get traction in the US marketplace. Linking your startup/SME with US strategic partners and VC investors.


Gary Wenet is VIP business consultant and executive coach

Gary will be available for interviews and meetings in Copenhagen
presumably in January 2021 (Corona).


Welcome event and interviews in Copenhagen presumably in January 2021 (Corona).

Each participating company is interwied as part of a thorough due diligence “seen with American eyes”. This will be the basis of concrete introductions to relevant US strategic partners, sales channels and US venture capital.

After the welcome event and interviews, further meetings can be arranged.

Similarly,  presumably in January 2021 (Corona) – each company has the possibility of ½ hour preliminary Skype interview before the booked meetings in Copenhagen 20 – 25th. of April 2020. The Skype Interview is at nocost. Gary Wenet do not recommend an interview in Copenhagen unless he is convinced that he can help the company.

The participating companies decide after the interviews – whether they see opportunities/added value from a 2-3 month consultancy agreement with Gary Wenet after the interview. This follow-up includes preparation, participation in introductory meetings and the establishment of cooperation agreements with US strategic Partners, sales channels and if needed venture capital investors.  Also the establishment of a subsidiary may be needed.

2-3 hours Interview/meeting in Copenhagen involves a fee of 1,200 US dollars.

If you choose to enter into a follow-up consultancy agreement with Gary Wenet and Phil Jones (cleantech), this will involve a 2,000 US $ fee for the next 2 months of thorough preparatory work. In addition, there will be a 3,000 US $ fee for subsequent consultancy facilitation in connection with eventuel participation in sales channel – and investor meetings in the United States.

In total, there will be a US-entry funding of approx. 6,200 US $.

Evaluation/measurement of this US entry activity will be evaluated after 1 year.

50% part-finansing is possible via your regional businesshouse.


If your company alredy has an actual US customer lead and a succesful customer pitch, we can find an alternative collaboration model.  Each 2-3 month period could then be currently discussed and agreed upon as a step-by-step approach. The fee would then be calculated on an hourly basis within  a framework agreement comprising a total number of hours.

Thus, the initial collaboration could be to open the door to a already defined US customer(s) and facilitate business meetings and eventual contract negotiations with that customer(s) – as well as facilitating introduction to additional costumers and stratetic partners including eventuel US financing.

Short CV

Gary Wenet short CV

With A long standing career coaching executives from privately and publicly held companies and a doctorate in psychology, Gary Wenet brings a breadth and depth of experience in building executive leadership capacity, the formation and development of high Performance management teams and facilitating organizational change. Gary coauthored the book, Leadership as a Habit of Mind (Amacom, 2000), focused on how exemplary leaders leverage the lessons from their lives to shape how they lead their organizations. Gary has served on the teaching and training faculty at the University of Washington and on the faculty of American Management Association facilitating week long executive development workshops. Gary’s passion for the people side of business involves bringing out the best in others by bringing the best of him to the table.

He has had long standing consulting relationships with companies as diverse as Amazon, RealNetworks, Control 4, Remitly, Fincantieri Corp., Chiron Corporation, Yellow Mountain Stoneworks, Aegis Living, Dendreon, Anderson-Chamberlin, Novartis, Allergen, FibroGen, Snohomish County P.U.D., and Todd Pacific Shipyards. His engagement with these companies has included extensive executive coaching, leading organizational and culture change initiatives, facilitating the strategic planning process, and leading off-site retreats for boards and executive teams. In addition, Gary’s work with a wide range of early stage companies has involved him mobilizing his professional network to recruit executive talent, forge strategic business relationships, and attract investment partners.

Gary has served on the Advisory Boards of Stratos Product Development Group, Bungee Technology Labs, Auricast, Inc., Fairway Pricing Technologies, Clarity Health Solutions and Eila Corp and Renticity. As a change agent, Gary prides himself on being a clear communicator, collaborative, and committed to facilitating the ongoing leadership and organizational development of each of the leaders with whom he is associated. In his professional engagements, Gary has learned that to be successful in his work it is essential that executives and their companies demonstrate a broad and deep commitment to ongoing learning and are prepared to take on the hard work that will be involved in achieving meaningful change.

Gary has established leadership development programs for numerous technology, biopharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies. His leadership coaching with executives and managers focuses on bringing each leader’s highest value into action to benefit the company by leveraging their core strengths. His organizational development work is designed to identify key cross functional issues that run the risk of undermining the company’s success and bringing the key stakeholders to the table to work through the issues. Finally, in his process, Gary assists the broad leadership team in making sure that employees are working with a shared sense of urgency that is aligned with the organizational strategic objectives. It is the inherent fulfillment that comes with being a partner in the development of exemplary leaders and organizations that fuels the passion Gary brings to his work. In addition to his professional work, Gary has sat on the board of several non-profits, and pursues his personal passion of singing.

Phil Jones short CV

Philip Jones was appointed to the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission by Gov. Chris Gregoire in March 2005.

Jones served as president of the National Association of Regulatory Commissioners (NARUC) and serves on the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. He previously served on the Board of the National Regulatory Research Institute (NRRI). Jones is a member of the International Relations, Critical Infrastructure, Telecommunications and Washington Action Committees of NARUC.

Prior to his commission appointment, he served as managing director of Cutter & Buck (Europe), BV in Amsterdam, the Netherlands for five years.

From 1983 – 1988 he served as senior legislative assistant to Senator Daniel J. Evans, the former U.S. Senator from Washington State, and staffed him on energy policy issues and for the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee as well as international trade policy. He was responsible for a broad range of energy issues, including hydroelectric re-licensing, nuclear waste management, energy conservation and renewables, and the Bonneville Power Administration.

Jones is a native of Spokane, Washington. He graduated from Harvard College with honors with a degree in East Asian Studies in 1977.

0Practical information:

Workshop – welcome event  in Copenhagen presumably in January 2021 (Corona).

Interviews will take place  in Copenhagen 

presumably in January 2021 (Corona).

Venue: Copenhagen Project House 
Enghavevej 80 C, 4. Sal
2450 København


 Henrik Sparre-Ulrich

 +45 23482862

Gary Wenet

Gary Wenet

VIP business consultant and executive coach.

Gary Wenet is the author of the book “The inner work of leaders” and has helped develop succesful, innovative technology, CLEANTEC and life science companies on the US West Coast and Silicon Valley (among others. Amazon and the circle of Technology companies related to Amazon).

Gary Wenet advises today, among others, US and foreign start-ups about their next step US market entry and about US venture capital financing. Besides his business development work for Amazon etc. Gary is partnering with a reputable law firm in San Francisco that facilitates access to 4 major VC funds as well as a network of super business-angel investors on the West Coast/Sillicon Valley. Similarly, Gary is partnering with Phil Jones, Pt. Supply and Transport Commissioner of the state of Wahington and former president of the Association of Supply and Transport commissioners in the U.S..

Scanex Venture is interested in cooperating with companies who have a disruptive business model, have established a clear market need for their products and demonstrated the efficacy of their value proposition in the marketplace in Denmark and possibly other Euro Markets.

Our deepest connections are in the tech, biotech and bio-pharma sectors But having said that we am already engaged in building bridges for two other Danish companies which happen to fall in other sectors, but where I have relevant introductions to make.

Another exception could be an earlier stage company where the product is so innovative that I am able to get the serious attention of people in my network.

Gary Wenet



Gary Wenet has during the last 2 years successfully facilitated the US-entry of among others the danish company Uni Secure (crime prevention). This has been done through US introductions paving the way for deploying Uni secure security systems at the US retail market. In addition, US venture capital has been obtained to finance the Uni secure market entry.
As a reference, the company’s CEO, Henrik Olsen, can be contacted by prior arrangement.

Another succesfull facilitating cooperation has been going on for 1 year with the danish company Effimat (robot picking systems) – from the robot cluster in Odense.

As well as for the Århus company Scopito (advanced software for mapping of infrastructure via drones).

And for the company Nofloods (flood prevention technology) from the innovation environment in Roskilde

And for the small start-ups Gravity Boardgames (math. learning systems) and Eye Mind (mobility technology for disables people).


Som US referencer/garanter for Gary’s omfattende viden og professionelle netværk kan man eventuelt kontakte følgende:

Martin Plaehn, CEO, Control 4 (market leader in smart home integration)
Max Safai, VP Hardware Engineering, Amazon
David Glick, VP; Technology, Amazon Transportation
Bill Gillis, VP, Renticity, (software as a service, residential rental marketplace)
Matt Oppenheimer, CEO, Remitly (consumer global wire transfer of funds, financial services sector)
Howard Raff, Chief operating officer, Immune Therapeutics (developing treatments for food allergy)

By prior agreement: Phil Jones, The commissioner of utilities, Washington state.

Scanex Venture

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